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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hospital wars

We broke the news to our ObGyn today that we (read I) weren't happy with Parklane - the hospital he delivers at. And seeing as our only other option is Garden City Hospital in Mayfair West (err...no), I asked him how he felt about being on standby in case of an emergency and using a midwife... surprise surprise he wasn't keen at all. Besides the relationship begin already tenuous between doctors and midwives, of course he's going to say no because he's losing out on the guaranteed R6 000 he'll make from the delivery.
I suggested the Genesis Clinic which I need to make time to see what kind of facilities it has - especially in case of emergency. (Dr Blaauwhof mentioned that he lives down the road from there and has recently heard about the place).

I just want to feel comfortable with the hospital I'm going to give birth at and of course facilities are a huge consideration but if push comes to shove (pardon the pun) Dr Blaauwhoof will have to go! There are plenty more OBGyns where he came from...



  1. Tell me, what don't you like about Parklane?

  2. The nurses are bullies and there are far too many people! It's like a meat market in there. I want privacy!

  3. Hi
    Garden City is a good hospital and to be honest Dr Blaawhof is a great docter sorry you dont feel the same

  4. Dr Blaauwhof is a wonderful doctor,he delivered both my kids and two nieces,and at garden city.I will highly recommend him to anyone,thanks doc

  5. How is Dr Blaawuhofs fees?