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Last year I turned the big 3.0 and got married - I thought that was my milestone year. As it turns out, 2009 quickly overshadowed 2008 when my husband and I found out we were pregnant. I'm going to be experiencing everything for the first time as a woman and an expectant mother which is why I'm calling this my year of firsts. I'm senior editor for Marie Claire South Africa.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Camp cot -tick

I had to give up on my dream of the wooden cot. 'It's not really practical is it babe? It's purely aesthetic,' said my husband, gently. This was after I had managed to find a cot for R700 through gumtree - and the woman emailed to let me know two days before we were supposed to pick it up that her husband had sold it to a colleague. Rude!

Oh how I wanted one to paint in a buttercup yellow and decoupage those pretty animal prints on them. But Hein was right. It's an unnecessary expense and baby girl will grow out of it in under a year - that's even if she likes it. Yesterday afternoon, Hein came home with a camp cot. He came in looking so proud of himself, boasting about the fact that he got a really good deal as the cot had vibration mode, musical mobile, detachable play pen, changing table... many more extras that the Jeep cot had that he initially wanted to buy for a grand less. I just stood there nodding proudly while he pointed all the thingies out, smiling at him and oh so happy that he'd chosen the right colour - yellow. It looks exactly like the picture only the green parts are yellow.

I so wanted to unpack it and set it up but that would have been stupid as we're moving house soon and can't afford to lose any boxes or unwrap already well-wrapped things. Much like some of our belated wedding gifts, which are still sitting in boxes.

So now I'm on the lookout for a Moses basket. Baby girl will be sleeping in our room for the first three months and then by December holidays, we'll move her into her own room. Mom and dad have to get some decent sleep albeit brief at some point - and preferably before I have to go back to work...


  1. It's so fantastic and practical. I suppose one has to learn to adapt for the practical and user friendly. I had looked at this the other day and marvelled at how today's babies are having such a broad range of cute and comfy stuff. My mom used to say the same to me(as a new mom).

  2. oh hey...i moved too when i was 7 months prego. it's tough...take it easy...milk the prego stuff big time...don't carry anything heavy. you'll be fine!

  3. Mom! It folds up so easily - like a camper chair so when we come and visit you and the inlaws, we can take it along and set up anywhere. It's insane the amount of 'things' there are too chose from. But they are certainly not cheap!

  4. Thanks for the visit and the advice Lisa. Will keep following and reading your blog!