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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Could it be colic?

My little precious Maya is rather restless these days. Shame, she cries and fusses and behaves as if her tummy is sore... I can see it in her face when she's pooing - squeezing and straining and screaming. It pains us to watch her. She's up at 6am to her feed and then doesn't go back to sleep until about 11am. Dead tired by then she'll collapse in my arms after a small cough which seems to wrestle the last bit of strength out of her or after I've coerced her to suck on the dummy. Which she hates by the way. But doctor has told us to encourage it because it's soothing otherwise she'll be begging for breast. Which she does.

So anyway, I've received tons of useful advice from friends who are mommies as I'm starting to think she has colic. How does one know exactly? Here are some of the responses... maybe it might also help some of you when you have babies...

Lori Cohen
Telement drops before a feed works! Crying could also be from overstimulation - try keep things calm and quiet at home and avoid letting everyone hold her. Stick her in a pouch on you and just hang out together. Try not to let it freak you out - just because she cries doesn't mean she has colic.

Dileseng Koetle
awww. she is adapting to all the newness of her surroundings and all the space she is not yet accustomed to. the calmer u are, the calmer she will b, try, even if its 02h10... give her a few more weeks,she'll cry less and less. and yep, they strain and push and cry a little when they fart or poop... just go with your instinct, hug, cuddle, kiss, chat and stare into her eyes a lot and it'll all be cool.

Margie Orford
They do grow out of it. and it is so distressing for the mum. they strain and struggle - their poor little systems are so immature. swaddle her tight and get someone to hold her for a few hours while you get a sleep. I would come and help if I were in Joburg. I love tiny babies. so good luck. Your mum? is she around? the sreaming is much better when you dont feel so tired

Tshepo Mathabathe
if you're breast feeding might be unlikely,maybe just a trapped wind...good strong girl!work those lungs!

Joanne McLaren I know that you're getting heaps of advice, but thought I'd tell you about what worked for me. Bennets Colic Mixture (you have to ask the pharmacist for it) was definitely the best and certainly eased Sienna's cramps the most. Sienna, the poor poppet, also had a tiny fissure on her bum which made it very painful when she pooed. We used anethaine which definitely helped. I always felt that Sienna was a bit of a guinea pig because I had no confidence in my abilities and got so much conflicting advice from everyone. All that I can say is follow-you heart and decide to listen to the advice of one person...maybe it's your doctor/clinic sister/sister etc. that way you don't second guess every decision you make. Everyone always has the best intentions, but sometimes it can be a bit of information overload!!
Hope you have a peaceful night with your little princess x x x

John Arthur Liebenberg August 29 at 12:58pm
Zod Zod Zod has it happened you beaut...!!
well well done....lotsa regards to paps and u...she look so sweet.. u would know if she has colic..they cry lotsa and lots..its not a normal cry..

ThatoyaOna Modisakeng Lerefolo
Zods kids cry.A lot ,that her only way of comunicating.Remember her belly button is not healed yet so she pushes it will be a little painful.
Old grannies recipes:Groenhamara on a cotton wool ,put on her belly button and then wrap her around with a c
loth band aid.My granny used to do that to my son.I was made to believe it soothens the bb.
she can't talk there for she will cry for attention ,help,food,Wet nappy anything.
and also balance her heard and neck with one arm on a sitting position and rub her back with the other hand,That for winds,when u c her smile a lot especialy when she is sleeping.
she will stop crying when she gets older .


  1. she sure doesn't look happy and that face is soo seriaas...

  2. That's her dog tired but not able to sleep.