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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Male pregnancy

Hein made me laugh out loud when he sent me an email yesterday entitled 'that explains it' and this article attached. You see, he's been worried about the fact that he's gained weight and has been blaming me for it because it couldn't possibly be from lack of exercise, drinking, age or any of those other factors...

Men gain weight during partner's pregnancy, survey shows

Chicago, May 25: It is natural for women to gain weight during pregnancy. Now, a new poll has suggested that not only expecting mothers, but even fathers-to-be pile on some extra pounds during their partner’s pregnancy.

The poll findings

 It has been found in a fresh poll, conducted by OnePoll, on 5,000 men that women are not alone in piling on the baby fat as Britain's expectant dads, too, put on extra pounds during their wife or girlfriend's pregnancy.

The poll revealed that men gain up to one stone (over 6kg) during their partner’s pregnancy, because they find it harder to resist the temptation of larger portions of food and treats around the house.

“The average woman puts on about two and a half stone during her pregnancy, and it’s not at all uncommon for her to crave more fatty foods and need more regular snacks. So if the kitchen cupboards are suddenly brimming with snacks and food, it’s no wonder blokes are tempted to tuck in as well,” said a spokesperson for OnePoll.

“Male pregnancy”
The survey further revealed that only a fifth of expectant dads realize they have gained weight when they try older clothes and find they don’t fit anymore. That leads them to join their pregnant partners in shopping for new clothes, labeled as “paternity” items, to accommodate their growing bellies.

As the trend is no longer an isolated phenomenon, the men’s weight gain during their partner’s pregnancy is now referred to as “male pregnancy”.

It’s not only the snacks that contribute to the piling pounds, even larger portions of meals add inches to men’s waistlines, the survey showed. Some of the men also admitted that they are also showered with more attention during the “male pregnancy” period.
One more explanation for the weight gain during “male pregnancy” is that many couples spend more time visiting restaurants and pubs for dinner, in a bid to enjoy each other’s company most of their time before the baby arrives.

But, the survey concludes that women are not to be blamed for men’s weight gain. “The only problem seems to be that men are choosing to snack on unhealthier options such as sweets and cakes – and I don’t think women can be blamed for their partners drinking more beer!” said the OnePoll spokesperson.

However, men equally join their partners on a post-pregnancy diet. In the survey, 31 percent men were found to have joined their partners on a post-pregnancy diet.


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