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Last year I turned the big 3.0 and got married - I thought that was my milestone year. As it turns out, 2009 quickly overshadowed 2008 when my husband and I found out we were pregnant. I'm going to be experiencing everything for the first time as a woman and an expectant mother which is why I'm calling this my year of firsts. I'm senior editor for Marie Claire South Africa.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Everyone keeps asking me if I've had any cravings and I've been shaking my head, firmly, every time, with confidence.
The only difference I've noticed in my eating habits is that my appetite has increased alarmingly! I'm always hungry! And if I don't eat NOW I go crazy... like a diabetic whose sugar levels are threatening to give them a heart attack! Typical. And I'd vowed to be a yummy mummy and all I can see in the mirror is my bum and thighs expanding...Ntl! Why couldn't I haven been one of those 'I don't feel like eating anything' type of pregnant women? Is it not enough that my bra size has expanded to 34E! 
So yesterday, I suddenly realised as I was pulling out of the McDonalds drive -thru that the ice cream cone I was holding in my hand would mark the fourth I had had in the past month. So there we have it! I think it's because they finish so quickly that I'd forgotten eating them, nevermind buying them...
Craving identified: cheap ice cream from McDonalds - strictly vanilla in a flat-bottomed cone.


  1. what?! 4 months already??? i can't wait to see your baby bump!! surely eating 4 teeny tiny ice-cream cones a month doesn't take u far from yummy mummy-ness? that's not even enough to qualify as an indulgence. and atleast your cravings are affordable (around R5 no?) and easily attainable (24 hour drive through). imagine living in new york and constantly craving biltong!

    count your blessings :)

  2. True! But still - eating four ice cream cones when you didn't before can only lead to one thing -- big bums! Cheap yes - they're R3.95!