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Last year I turned the big 3.0 and got married - I thought that was my milestone year. As it turns out, 2009 quickly overshadowed 2008 when my husband and I found out we were pregnant. I'm going to be experiencing everything for the first time as a woman and an expectant mother which is why I'm calling this my year of firsts. I'm senior editor for Marie Claire South Africa.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Victory Park to Victoria

LG was moving all night last night. Kicking and doing flip flops and somersaults no doubt. I wonder if it had anything to do with the delicious curry I ate from Spiceburg in Greenside? Was so tasty and not too hot - still I had to suffer the consequences. Rising, heart burning sensation whenever I burped. For my sins of course because I know I'm supposed to lay of the spicy stuff. Was worth it though!

So the good news is that we'll be moving house from July 2nd! Whoop whoop! Let the painting begin! Though, hehehe, I've never painted a wall in my life before, hehehe... how many pots do you need for an average size room? And paint is not cheap I've heard. No point in getting clever with colours if you're not going to be able to maintain neh? Hayi, we'll see but one thing's for sure - that nondescript orange has gots to go!

Lemme know if anyone's looking for a second-floor, two-bedroom flat, separate toilet and shower/bath, balcony to rent. Damage: R4150.


  1. Are you allowed to paint? Aren't the fumes full of dodgy things..

  2. Hmm... I think so. It'll be a month til baby comes. Will have to ask my midwife on Friday if it's okay.

  3. what about wall paper. I love wallpaper. LOVE IT!

  4. Me too! But the plan is to use a piece of wallpaper in the bedroom - as the headboard! Can you picture it? I'l post about decor in the near future...

  5. meant to ask as well, is baby's name LG, or does that stand for little girl? or love girl?

  6. hehehe! It stands for little girl.